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Get great tasting, healthy alkaline water delivered to your door! We are the only water delivery service in Missouri City that specializes in PREMIUM high pH (9.5-10.5) alkaline water.

Our bodies pH levels (acid-alkaline) can have a negative or positive effect on every organ and cell. Prolonged acidic imbalances of any kind can overwhelm us, and lead to health complications. Just as the body regulates its temperature rigidly, it also works hard to manage a healthy pH range – especially in our blood. The body tries to maintain a blood pH of 7.35, and in doing so, it creates internal stress on other tissues, body systems, and organs.


About Alkaline Water
More important reasons you should drink our range of alkaline water
Increasing intracellular hydration
Restoring essential minerals
Stabilization and protection of cells
Preventing free radicals from forming
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